AndRew Purchin, LCSW

Psychotherapy and EMDR

For Adults, Adolescents and Children

Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and open a world of possibility...

Hi, I'm Andrew Purchin. I’ve been practicing psychotherapy for 20 years.  My private practice is in Santa Cruz, California where I work with a variety of people in individual, couple, family, or group settings. 

I am honored to be a therapist. I find that people trust me with stories and experiences that they barely can acknowledge to themselves. It is a beautiful thing to witness the unfolding of a life, to hear what was once impossible to say. I love to be with people in a place of honesty, no matter how painful.

It is a joy for me to witness all growth, large and small.  Many of the people who come to work with me end up knowing more of themselves, recovering from trauma, reducing stress, working through grief and improving their relationships. They get clear about what they want and don’t want, becoming more assertive, learning to manage their anger, let go of controlling behaviors, and so much more. 

It is no secret that I am an artist as well.  I paint landscapes, dancers, portraits and events.  People remark on the level of sensitivity I have, my ability to empathize and how I’m able to help them shift perspectives and see things from differing points of views.  If I get a chance to work with you in therapy, I’ll use all of my creative resources to help you create the changes you want.  

See my Resume to learn about my education and employment history.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation.  Call or email me to find out how I might work with you.


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